We believe that people really are at the heart of our success. We’ve great products and a global appreciation for our quality of products and service. The final component that brings it all together is our team.

We hire the very best and the brightest; innovators, problem solvers, communicators. Our team takes service delivery personally.

We will go the extra mile to give our customers and our distributors throughout the world all the support they require to realize all their business goals and visions.

At the helm is our experienced and professional management team. Competence, Technical and Industrial know-how, Years of experience & expertise and a profound understanding of our customers’ needs – reasons why we stand apart in our industry.

We firmly believe that it is our people above all who make the crucial difference. Our team of experts includes chemists, physicists, test engineers, application specialists, analysts and production managers and they continue to make significant contribution in adding value to our customers.

We offer our customers a large variety of lubricants for an enormous range of disparate applications, repeatedly validated in the toughest of environments in industrial or commercial installations.